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Since I am German and Chris is American we are going to teach our kid german and english.
This is a diary of her first words and what they mean.
Sound: Meaning:
Before Feb. 2009:  
Mama Mama
Dada Daddy
Beeboo Peek-a-boo
byyyyye Bye
hiiiiiiiii Hi
uhuhuh Every animal makes that sound
Booooooo Boom (when somethig falls down)
PuuuPuuu Punkt Punkt (Komma, Strich... ;) ) German kids rhyme
Jajajajajaja Ja (German for "yes" when she's walking around and babbling
ununununun Run, run, run, run, run (when she's running)
Daaa Danke (German for "Thank you"
February 10th 2009:  
Bebi Baby (she just pointed to a baby in a magazine and said it)
February 20th 2009:  
Eins, swei, drrrrai Eins, zwei, drei (1,2,3)
February 21st 2009:  
Pssssssssssst Psst (with index finger over her mouth).
February 23rd 2009:  
Erz Hertz (Heart)
February 24th 2009:  
biibi Phoebe
be be be beep, beep, beep
March 5th 2009:  
Krei Kreis (circle)
Naaa Nase (Nose)
March 9th 2009:  
diiiis Cheese
March 10th 2009:  
pee pee (when Loki pees lol)
March 11th 2009:  
yay YAY! (Putting her arms up in the air)
March 28th 2009:  
ohoh Oh Oh!
April 20th 2009:  
fisssss fish
Looooooo Loki
April 25th 2009:  
Mimi Milli (nickname for Lillian)
Ja Ja (German for yes)
June 2009:  
Miau Miau (a cat says miau)
Mensch! (German for aaarrrg)
kuckuck (German for peek-a-boo - This is the first word Lillian says in both languages!!!)
glas glass
heiss heiss (hot)
eis eis (ice)
an or anz anziehen (put on)
uuuus shoes (Schuhe)
July 2nd 2009:  
pimp Pink
bimpf Bimpf (German for a tiny person)
After July 2009: Lillian has been picking up new words everyday. It is impossible to write them all down here. She copies everything we say and we are having a lot of fun listening to her. I hope this little diary of her first words will one day be a lot of fun to her!