This page will have some funny and random stories about Lillian and whatever else comes up. Just stuff I want to remember :)
- Random stuff (March 2010)
I am sorry this has not been updated since last year. Like you can read in my blog we have been moving to Munich, Chris got a new job and stuff was a little hectic. I will now try to update stuff again more often. Lillian is currently copying everyting we say and we are having a lot of fun with her and all her new words. She is doing funny stuff pretty much everyday and I hope I will always be able to remember the small things she does, cause there is no way to write down all of it. However I will really try to keep this going again now that the computer is back up and working.
- More signs (March 2009)
Lillian now shruggs, she also reaches her arms up in the air and says "YAY". She's so much fun to be with, I'm loving this age.
- Silly teeth (February 2009)
Lillian didn't like brushing her teeth till we started saying this little rhyme whenever we let her brush her teeth (she only does it herself and won't let anyone do it for her):
"Ich bin klein und manchmal schmutzig,
aber meine Zaehne putz ich.
Jeden Tag und nach dem Essen,
nein das darf man nicht vergessen!"
It works!

- Sign language ;) (from birth to February 2009)
Without us teaching her, Lillian copies a lot of the signs we do with our hands. So far she can:
- wave
- hide her face in her hands when we say "oh geez!"
- Tell Loki to "sit" (index finger pointing up)
- dance - like a champ
- put her hands and arms on the side of her head and shrugh her shoulders when we say "all gone"
- clap
- our"Family sign" (pointing out your index finger and touching the other person's index finger. We started that when Lillian was born :) ).
- "Pssst" sign with her index finger over her mouth.
and probably a bunch of other cute randomnes that I can't remember off the top of my head.

- Big girl (February 2009)
Lillian has been watching us setting the table for quite some time now. She can now do it herself!
She get's the hot plates out, also the place mats, then if we give her plates and silverware she puts all of that stuff in the right place too!
What a big girl we have!
- KNUTSCH! (End of 2008)
When we say "KNUTSCH" (German slang for kiss) Lillian gives us a big, fat kiss. Too bad she does it to Loki too :)
- Pacifier shot (around June 2007)
When Lillian was just born and only a couple of days old, she still used a pacifier to calm herself down (now she's just using her thumb). When she was first born I still lived with my mom while Chris was looking for an appartment and her bed was in one room with us. All out of a sudden we hear a big bang.
Turns out Lillian spit her pacifier all the way out of her bad (through the bars on her bed!) on the mirror on the wallocker.
The mirror was at least 1.5 meters (about 5 feet!) away from her bed! We all laughed! :)
- The contagious yawn (June 2007)
We were all laying in bed, Lillian in her own. I had to yawn. A second later Chris did too. A couple seconds passed and we hear a tiny yawn coming out of Lillian's bed. It was just too cute!