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  Baby Adkins
On this page you'll find everything about Lillian & Baby Nr. 2 before and after they were born.
Pictures, stories and much, much more. (For lots of pictures, either go to or visit the picture site here on my page!)
Baby 2 in week 21:
Week 6: Just a tiny dot :)
Week 7: Getting bigger...
Week 8: ... and bigger
Week 10: You can see my hands now! :)
Week 12: Do you see my hands and feet?
Week 14: My head and thigh.
Week 17: My big head and tiny body.
Week 18: My head seen from the top.
Week 23: Wow, now you can even see my nose!
Week 26: 3D :)
Week 28: More 3D pictures - enjoy!
Week 31: Another 3D picture
Random: Because I was bored
Our baby definitely has my lips :)...
... and - thank God(!) - Chris's nose. (I don't like mine, cause it's way to bumpy. So I'm really glad the baby got his nose :) ).
Just born: I look just like my daddy! (picture of him right below me - compare!)
During the first days in hospital: Can you tell that I already know my daddy is a soldier? ;)