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April 11th 2010
Sorry for the late update! We moved to Munich, cause Chris got a job here and the computer that has all my homepage stuff on it has been offline and not hooked up for the longest time. Everything is great and we love it here! I am pregnant again (currently week 24) and we are all very excited to have a new family member in early August 2010. Bavaria is awesome and we are currently enjoying the beginning of spring. Chris is loving his new job and we are just enjoying life.
June 24th 2009
We took Lillian to Tripsdrill, an amusement park mostly for kids last week and it was a blast! Lillian loved it and I have lots of pictures up on mypsace. Make sure to check them out! Enjoy!
April 20th 2009
Easter was so much fun! My mom came over and we did a lot of day trips and Lillian loved Easter Egg hunting! Go to to check out all the amazing pictures we took! Enjoy!
March 29th 2009
Wow, looks like March 2009 was not our month.
We just all got back from the hospital and are now trying to get back to daily life. It started with me going to the hospital cause I had a really bad flu. So I had to stay in over night to get IV's.
About 2 weeks later, Chris is not feeling good at all so I have to call an emergency car for him.
They find out he has what we call the "Noro-virus" a really bad virus that requires you to get IV's. On top of that, they found out that he also had problems with his appendix, so he got surgery to get it removed. While he was still in the hospital, I got the Noro-virus too. It's highly contageous, so it was no wonder I got it. So now I had to go to the hospital too. My mom came down from Bavaria to watch Lillian, only to get it too. So Chris, my mom and I were at the hospital, she brought Lillian along cause we didn't have anyone to watch her. The hospital there refused to let me and Lillian go to a kids hospital (since they didn't even have wipes or a kids bed) so I left on my own with my daughter in the middle of the night and took a taxi to the kids hospital. The kids hospital got super mad at the one we were in before, esp. after Lillian got sick too. So we all had the Noro-virus. Going to the kids hospital was the smartest thing to do and I am glad I did it.
Now we are all back and I hope we don't get it again.
Let's try to get back to a normal daily life now!
March 3rd 2009
Chris had to fly home last Monday to see his grandpa because he is very sick. I wanted him to go because it was so important to him, but it still was not a good week for Lillian, Loki and me. I stayed at my mom's while he was gone so I didn't have to sit around alone. Loki didn't eat for the first 2 or 3 days we wer there and Lillian constantly picked up her shoes and jacked and said dada and ran to the door. When we didn't pick him up she threw a tantrum on the floor. Needless to say I wasn't a fan of the plane crah in Amsterdam that weekend on the same airport Chris went through.
Some people think my phobia is only related to me, but it's even worse when someone I love is sitting in a plane.
To cut a long story short. I really don't need to have a week like that again. I am very happy he's back and he got to see his grandpa.
But I think I am done with airplanes for a pretty long time.
February 17th 2009
HELAU! Yep, it's "Fasching" (carneval) again! Lillian is dressed up as half angel, half devil this year, Chris is the devil and I am an angel. She looks super cute. So Sunday we went to the kids carnival they had in town and at the end they did prices for the 5 best costumes (out of about 50 or more kids). So we took her in front of the jury and - she won! 20 Euros for a toy store! I though that was amazing. I am very proud of her :)
February 15th 2009
So yesterday was Valentine's day. I LOVE Valentine's day. I got some flowers (I love my husband ;) ) and we got a game from Melinda and Vern. It's really cool. Lillian loved her Dr. Seuss book too. I made Chris a fancy breakfast with deviled eggs, fresh bread, a homemade cake and more. He says he liked it :)
February 11th 2009

I can seriously not believe how long it has been! So much has happened since November 2007!
Lillian will be turning 2 years old(!) this summer, we got a new addition to the family (Loki, our dog) right before Christmas 2008 and we had our AMAZING church wedding in the summer of 2008.
It would probably take ages to write all of the amazing things down that happened.
So from now on I will make sure to update more often! If you would like to catch up on things (Like the wedding, Lillian growing up, Loki, our summer vacation in Austria and other things), please go to for a LOT of pictures. Some pictures are on here too. There are also some videos on (most of them from Lillian, but also some of our amazing wedding). To check them out go to and search for "Lillian Angelina Adkins" most of them will pop up then. Look for my username "Anya1983" to find all the rest!
That's pretty much all I can say for right now. I am very happy with my little family and very proud of my amazing daughter and husband (who's actually learning garman for me now!) and I hope you will be able to do some catching up on myspace pictures on what happened with all of us during the last year.
Here's to an awesome 2009 and way more updating than in the last year!

November 4th 2007
Wow, I really haven't updated this page in a while! (Just for the record, the newest news and pictures are always on Mysapce (, so if you check there it's probably more up to date!).
We took Lillian out to the waterpark for the first time yesterday and she had the greatest time in the pool. She didn't even want to get out of the water.
I can't believe she was 5 months old on November 2nd! I don't know where time went!
Yet, even though she gets older, she's still the most precious, little girl I know.
Chris and I are also getting married June 7th 2008 at 1:00pm. I can't wait! There's still soooo much to do :)
June 13th 2007
Our daughter is finally here!
She's the prettiest little girl in the whole wide world!
Since I don't want to write everything down twice, go to Our baby - Baby Adkins or Our baby - Pregnancy to read everything about her!
May 10th 2007
Last weekend has been the most awesome weekend ever! Chris had CQ on Wednesday, so he was off work on Thursday, May 3rd, and since it was a 4-day weekend, he didn't have to go back till late Monday.
While he was on the train he called me and said he wanted to go to one of those old castles we have around here to take a couple of pictures.
So we went there, and it was actually a really nice castle (we've been there before and I usually don't like castles that much, but this one was really nice).
After we took a couple of pictures, Chris took me to that one place of the castle that used to be the church and asked me to marry him! :) (I'm not going to give you any details here, cause those are just for me :p, but it was really romantic, and I'll never forget it for the rest of my life).
Of course I said yes :)
So now we're getting married!
We'll do the courthouse wedding ASAP, cause it'll help us to skip a lot of paperwork for the army, but the actuall wedding (white dress, church, etc....) won't be till next spring. (I need that much time to plan everything and - most of all - get skinny enough again to fit into one of those amazing dresses *lol*).
I really can't wait. It's going to be soooo great. I'll make sure to keep you updated on what's going on :)
Oh yeah, and don't forget to take a look at my awesome engagement ring! :)
Isn't it pretty?!
March 25th 2007
Yesterday I saw Chris again for the first time in 5 weeks.
He had to be in the field for a really long time and I didn't get to see him. He was able to call every now and then or to send a text message, but it still sucked not having him around.
It was pretty amazing to see him again and I can't wait for him to be on leave this summer when we will actually be able to spend around 30 days together!
It's a 4-day weekend this weekend and he wanted to stay till Monday, but had to leave early this morning cause two of his friends were in a horrible car accident. :(
I'll see him again next weekend though and that's not long at all, after not being around him for 5 weeks. :)
February 7th 2007
I had an awesome day today! For Christmas my mom gave me a gift certificate for skin and face care because ever since I am pregnant, my skin has been acting up. It was just amazing. I got face and neck massages, face masks, massage peelings and all kinds of relaxing stuff. My face already looks a little better, but most of all, I feel soooo good. I seriously could do this every day :)
Since it was only 20€ (and I have to let you know, I was there for 2 hours!), I am going to do this every month now. (It's just two houses up the street, so I don't even have a long way to get there). It's just soooo relaxing, plus it helps my skin become normal again. Lately I felt like a teenager, that's how bad my skin was. Now I feel all kinds of refreshed and - did I tell you yet? - I feel really relaxed too ;)
I enjoyed the massages most of all, but I also liked the professional make up at the end which came with the package too. It was the most relaxing day I've had in a while.
If you get a chance, make sure you do something like this too. It's not that expensive, and hey, other people spend more then 20€ A WEEK on cigarettes (and that's not even healthy!). So think about it, and get yourself a treat every now and then :)


January 4th 2007

So today I am starting my new blog. I don't know yet how often I'll write, I guess just whenever something new happens :).
Currently there's not really anything new going on. Me and Chris had a great Christmas Time and New Years Eve. For Christmas I got more presents this year then ever. Waaaay too much stuff - but I can't deny I'm happy about it too :). Chris probably made me the best Christmas gift ever. I got this awesome necklace, ring and earring set with real diamons! It looks amazing and I never had real diamonds before. It's way too much for a Christmas gift, and he shouldn't have spent so much, but I really, really love it! :) *Thank you baby*. In return I bought him something with dragons, and since I really don't like them that much (I just love the cute, fluffy dragons - like in Dragon Tales) I guess I did good too by being selfless and giving him dragons. I'm so proud of myself *lol*