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Here you can find some pictures. See Lillian grow up, some snapshots of our wedding and Loki and other things. If you would like to see TONS of pictures (esp. of Lillian and our wedding) please go to and enjoy. There are updates almost daily. Here I will put a new picture of Lillian up about every months or so. So please check back for new pictures!
Lillian Angelina (born June 2nd 2007):
Lillian in March 2010: (a little delayed since we moved)
Lillian and Loki June 2009:
Lillian June 2009:
Lillian April 2009:
Lillian on "Fasching" (Carnival) February 2009. I was an Angel, Chris the devil and she was - Half & Half :) :
Lillian 20 months old:
Lillian's 2nd Christmas 2008:
Lillian 18 months old:
Lillian 15 months old:
Lillian's 2nd Halloween October 2008:
Lillian 15 months old:
Lillian 14 months old:
Lillian's first birthday! 12 months old:
Lillian 10 months old:
Lillian 9 months old:
Lillian 7 months old:
Lillian's first Christmas:
Lillian 6 months old:
Lillian's first Halloween as a cow:
Lillian 4 months old:
First picture of Lillian right after she was born:
Impressions of our Church Wedding on June 7th 2008 (06-07-08):
This is Loki, our Jack Russell - Yorkshire Terrier mix. Born October 21st 2008.
Loki as a baby before we took him home:
Loki's first day home!:
Loki and Lillian:
Loki 3 months old in January 2009: